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Headmistress Sally North invites children to step back in time and experience first-hand a day at a real Victorian school, ... but first she reflects on the last year and a half when time in her School has stood still.

Sally tells us of the life she paints so vividly in the 1880’s and 1890’s when there were frequent epidemics of measles, whooping cough, chicken pox, mumps and diphtheria. The local Medical Officer would close the School for a month to try and control the epidemics. The building would be scrubbed with carbolic soap and water, and fumigated with Flower of Sulphur candles.

Now we have all been engulfed by the terrible coronavirus pandemic. This has hugely interrupted and damaged childrens’ education.

Sally hopes very much that by September 2021 she will once more be ringing the school bell and children will be able to experience a day in her remarkable Victorian School.

March 2021

Miss NorthThe school building was built in 1840.

It was used as a local Authority school until 1992 and was then acquired by Tom and Sally North. They have restored it as closely as possible to how it would have been in Victorian times. For example, it is once again heated by a coal fired "Tortoise" stove and lit by an oil lamp.

The school was featured in the BBC TV Landmark series on Victorian Childhood.

Sally (left) has run the school as head-mistress since 1994 and many thousands of children have benefited from free school visits.

Comments from teachers:

Right from the start, you captivated the children who clearly enjoyed playing the role of obedient Victorian scholars. The schoolroom and museum are magical and exude your enthusiasm for the subject and your passion for enabling children to re-live history. FB Year 6

I have been bringing classes to you over the past six or seven years ... Your knowledge, your resources and your skills make a visit to you a must for any cohort of children studying this period of history. JS

Your commitment to the school and bringing the past to the present is inspirational. Many thanks. SBC

Thanks so much for such a wonderful visit to your Victorian School ... myself and my colleagues were impressed by the depth of the collection of period objects, the well thought out activities and the authenticity of the whole experience. CD

Having had utterly outstanding visits to your school over the past two years, we would very much like to book another visit. DP

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